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Stove & Oven Installation & Repair Markham

Choose Quality, Work with SimplyPro

Welcome to SimplyPro, your trusted source of stove & oven installation & repair services in Markham and the surrounding area. Our team is trained to deliver outstanding quality oven repairs & installations - wall ovens, convection ovens, built-in oven installations and more.
If you are looking for quality oven repair & installation services, don’t wait, get one of our experts on the phone today!

Trusted with some of the Toughest Jobs

There is virtually no over we can’t install or repair. That’s because our teams are trained to know how ovens function from inside-out. This way we can help repair and install ovens of virtually any brand – Electrolux, Bosch, Miele, Fulgor, Monogram. We are often called to repair ovens and stoves from Samsung, LG, GE, Frigidaire, Wolf and even rare brands like Fisher & Paykel. When you choose to work with experts, you know that your oven or stove will taken good care of, no matter the brand.


And your appliance...


Stove & Oven Repair Markham

Why Choose Professional Oven Repair & Installation Markham?

Ovens are complex. Choosing professional oven repair and installation services in Markham offers a number of benefits. Most important ones – are peace of mind & lifespan. When working with a professional over repair company you know that the work is done properly, as a result, your oven is likely to last longer. Here is a couple of other benefits of professional oven repair & installation in Markham:


  • Expertise and Experience - professional technicians have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to handle various oven models and brands. They undergo extensive training and stay updated with the latest industry standards and techniques. Their expertise ensures that your oven is repaired or installed correctly and efficiently.

  • Safety - ovens involve electrical connections and complex components. Attempting repairs or installation without proper knowledge and experience can be dangerous. Professionals are trained to handle these tasks safely, minimizing the risk of accidents or further damage.

  • Time & Cost Savings - hiring professionals can save you time and money in the long run. They can quickly diagnose the issue, source the necessary parts, and perform the repair or installation efficiently. DIY attempts may result in trial and error, leading to more time-consuming and costly repairs.

  • Proper Tools & Equipment - professionals have access to the right tools and equipment needed for oven repairs and installation. They use specialized tools that may not be readily available to consumers. Using the proper tools ensures the job is done correctly and minimizes the risk of damage to your oven.

  • Troubleshooting & Diagnosis - ovens can have complex issues, and identifying the root cause of a problem can be challenging for an inexperienced person. Professional technicians have the skills to troubleshoot and accurately diagnose the problem. This saves you from unnecessary guesswork and ensures that the repair is targeted and effective

  • Reliable & Guaranteed Service - reputable oven repair and installation companies strive to provide reliable and high-quality service. They often offer guaranteed satisfaction to the clients.


It is worth going with professional oven installations & repairs due to the benefits that it offers. We are all experts in our own field, and expert is exactly what you need for installing or repairing a complex piece of equipment like a stove or an oven.

Oven & Stove Repair Markham

Common Scenarios When you Might Need Oven & Stove Repairs

You oven or stove may be working, and still need a repair. Here is a couple of common scenarios that we are called to repair in Markham:


  • No Heat - if your stove or oven is not heating up at all, it could indicate a problem with the heating element, thermostat, or oven control board etc. A professional can diagnose the issue and replace the faulty component.

  • Uneven Heating – another common repair that we deliver for stoves & ovens in Markham. If your oven is heating unevenly, with some areas getting hotter than others, this could be due to a malfunctioning heating element, a faulty temperature sensor, or issues with the oven's airflow, or another problem.

  • Temperature Inaccuracy - if your oven's temperature does not match the set temperature, it can lead to overcooking or undercooking of your food. A calibration issue with the thermostat or a faulty temperature sensor might be the cause. A professional repair can address these issues and ensure accurate temperature control.

  • Strange Noises or Odors - unusual noises or strong odors coming from your oven can indicate a problem with the motor, fan, or other internal components. These issues should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage or safety hazards.

  • Control Panel & Display Problems - issues with the oven's control panel, such as unresponsive buttons or a malfunctioning display, can make it challenging to operate and control the oven. Professional technicians can troubleshoot and repair the control panel or replace any faulty components.

  • Self-Cleaning Function Failure - if your oven's self-cleaning function is not working correctly, it may be due to problems with the door latch, temperature sensor, or other internal mechanisms. A professional can diagnose and fix the issue to restore the self-cleaning functionality.


These are just a few examples of common scenarios where oven repair services might be required. It's important to consult a professional technician who can accurately diagnose the problem and provide the necessary repairs to ensure your oven functions properly and safely.

Get started with $25 off the cost of stove and oven repair & installation today!


Same-Day Stove & Oven Repair Service Markham

Can my Repair be Done Same-Day?

Thanks to our commercial vehicles, our technicians provide faster response times. At Simply Pro, we’ve stocked our trucks with everything we need! We have an array of repair tools to seamlessly take apart and put together your appliance, diagnostics tools to detect the problem, and quality spare parts in case something needs to be replaced. Therefore, with our emergency oven and stove repair services in Markham, we can fix your appliance in a single visit.

At Simply Pro, we offer dynamic services to suit your needs. Because we understand that now job or household is the same. Our technicians always create a friendly and professional working environment. So for emergency oven and stove repair services in Markham – Simply Pro is just a phone call away.

Simply Pro also provides timely same day oven and stove repair services in Markham.

Waiting around all week for your repair technician is a frustrating experience. After all, who really has time to wait around? You have a life to build, a job to attend and possibly a family to raise. And a broken oven and stove can be extremely disruptive. While ordering out is nice from time to time, it can be expensive and unhealthy. So it’s important to repair your oven and stove as soon as possible (perhaps the same day) – Markham.

Cut the wait time with Simply Pro’s same day oven and stove repair services in Markham. Our team works with speed and care to provide quality repairs that last. So that way, you can get the most out of your appliance at the lowest cost. At Simply Pro, we always take a systematic approach when it comes to appliance repair. First, our technician will run some diagnostics on your machine in order to isolate the problem. Once we’ve determined the source of the problem, repairs will be a straightforward process.

Whether you’ve hired us for a same day Markham oven and stove repair service, or scheduled an appointment, we always ensure that your appliance is working like new.

Quality Service, 


5,000 years in extended appliance life & counting.


100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

At SimplyPro Appliance Repair we strive to be simply pro at what we do. Guaranteed.


We work around your schedule.


Most repairs are done the same-day.


What our clients say

SimplyPro Appliance Repair technicians bring a wealth of industry experience and brand awareness to provide you with quick and reliable diagnostics. We not only do repairs, but we also offer helpful advice to help you prolong the life of your appliances.


Joseph M.
Residential Client

We ordered appliance repair for one of the properties that we manage in Newmarket. The team came on time and was extremely professional, they even did the impossible with fridge repair - I thought it would never work again. Recommend!


Karin M.
Residential Client

Zorik was excellent and very professional. Work was done ahead of schedule and so fast! Absolutely one of the best appliance experts out there so do not hesitate to use him!

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