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Dryer Repair North York

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At SimplyPro we strive to provide quality same-day dryer repair services and can help with emergency dryer repairs in and around North York.

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At SimplyPro Appliance Repair we value trust above all else. That's why you can trust our expert Appliance Repair Technicians with almost any job for so many brands!


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Dryer Repair North York

Why you Need Experts for Dryer Repairs?

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If your dryer stops working properly, or if you notice any problems whatsoever, don’t put it off. The longer you wait to have your appliance repaired, the more costly (and potentially dangerous) the situation can become. And the worst part is that with certain dryers and appliances, the problems can gradually get worse over time — without you even realizing it. With our dryer repair services in North York, we want to help you deal with these expenses before they spiral out of control. 

We at SimplyPro Appliance Repair understand how important it is to have a working washer. Not having one can lead to a lot of unnecessary chaos. That’s why we offer emergency and same day dryer repair services in North York. In addition, we provide an extensive range of services for your dryer repair and dryer installation. No matter what problem you’re facing with your dryer, we can fix it up for you. From fixing stuck bolts, to dryer heating issues, our team is here to serve you 24 hours a day! 

Do you Provide Emergency Dryer Repairs North York?

Quick Solution for any Dryer Emergency

Dryers can be a great asset for a homeowner but when they stop working can end up being more of a hassle. Luckily there is someone who can help you with your dryer repair in North York. We understand that having a functioning dryer is valuable to you and your family. So, we are more than happy to schedule an appointment for emergency dryer repair North York needs. Moreover, we at SimplyPro Appliance Repair also understand the inconvenience of being without a functioning appliance. That’s why we aim to offer prompt and effective appliance repair services to our customers.  

Our team at SimplyPro Appliance Repair has adequate skills and knowledge to fix your dryer and get it working like new again! We know emergency dryer repair needs can surface anytime and that’s why we are available 24/7 for your emergency repair needs. When our technicians arrive at your place, they will assess your dryer and propose an effective solution. Moreover, our transparent pricing and quick appliance repair service have made us a prominent service provider in North York. Hence, if you are looking for an emergency dryer repair service near you, you can always rely on us and our reliable service.

Schedule a call with us today for your unique dryer repair needs in North York. 


Same-Day Dryer Repair Service North York

Can my Repair be Done Same-Day?

Nearly everyone has a clothes dryer in their home or facility. And there are times when a problem can occur, and your dryer will need to be repaired. If you have a dryer issue, it’s important that you get professional same-day dryer repair services as quickly as possible. So, that your machine doesn’t suffer any more damage and cause you additional headaches. Well, this is where SimplyPro Appliance Repair can help you. We are your trusted and efficient same-day repair provider in North York and the surrounding areas. For the best customer service and unique repair needs in North York, look no further than SimplyPro Appliance Repair. 

Most machines need routine maintenance to last a long time. In order to avoid major problems down the road, you should call in an experienced professional, like SimplyPro Appliance Repair. We will evaluate your appliance and give you a free quote before we begin repairs. Our prices are competitive, and our technicians are friendly, knowledgeable professionals you can trust. Moreover, your search for “same day dryer repair near me” ends today.

You’ve found the experts at SimplyPro Appliance Repair who will stop at nothing to bring your dryer back to life and functioning properly. If we’re working on your dryer repair in North York, don’t worry, we won’t charge you extra to solve your issue. 

Quality Service, 


5,000 years in extended appliance life & counting.


100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

At SimplyPro Appliance Repair we strive to be simply pro at what we do. Guaranteed.


We work around your schedule.


Most repairs are done the same-day.


What our clients say

SimplyPro Appliance Repair technicians bring a wealth of industry experience and brand awareness to provide you with quick and reliable diagnostics. We not only do repairs, but we also offer helpful advice to help you prolong the life of your appliances.


Joseph M.
Residential Client

We ordered appliance repair for one of the properties that we manage in Newmarket. The team came on time and was extremely professional, they even did the impossible with fridge repair - I thought it would never work again. Recommend!


Karin M.
Residential Client

Zorik was excellent and very professional. Work was done ahead of schedule and so fast! Absolutely one of the best appliance experts out there so do not hesitate to use him!

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