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Dishwasher Installation Newmarket & all of Ontario

Qulity You've Never Seen Before

At SimplyPro we specialize in home electric appliance installation & repair service. One of the common requests - is dishwasher installation in Newmarket, Aurora, and King City. 

If you need help removing an old dishwasher or installing a new one, give us a call now and we will have our Technicians over in no time!

Trusted with some of the Toughest Jobs

Dishwasher installations are not created equal. That's why we train our Technicians with specifics on dishwasher installations from different brands - Bosch, Miele, MaytagBlomberg, Paykel, and other household names like Samsung, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and many, many other brands. If you need qualified help, don't wait, call us today!


And your appliance...


Dishwasher Installation Newmarket

Why you Need Professional Dishwasher Installation?

It seems easy until it's not. Dishwasher installation is a nuanced process that requires experience. 

Professional dishwasher installation is important to ensure that the appliance is installed correctly and safely. When done improperly, dishwashers can cause water damage, leaks, and electrical hazards. A professional installation will ensure that a dishwasher is correctly connected to the water, power, and drainage systems and that it operates efficiently.

Furthermore, a professional installer will verify that the dishwasher is correctly fitted and sealed for optimal performance. By having a professional installation, homeowners can be sure that their dishwasher is working at its best and that it is safe for everyday use.

Dishwasher Installation in Newmarket, Aurora & King City

What Types of Dishwashers do you Work With?

This is not our first dishwasher installation. At SimplyPro we have experience installing dishwashers in a variety of settings - attaching dishwashers to quarts & marble countertops, installing integrated dishwasher, drawer dishwashers and more. 

Here is a couple of the most common scenarios that we work with:


  • Built-In Dishwashers - many built-in dishwashers can be installed in a standard kitchen and are typically 24 inches wide and 34 to 36 inches tall. S

  • Slimline Dishwasher Installation - designed for smaller kitchens and are typically 18 inches wide. Compact dishwashers can fit even where standard dishwashers can't, like in recreational vehicles, with a width of 17 inches.

  • Portable dishwasher Installation - ideal for renters and offer the convenience of wheeling them to the sink to fill and empty.

  • Drawer-Style Dishwasher Installation - dishwashers can also be installed with a drawer-style design which allows you to open one or two drawers to wash dishes, depending on the model.

  • Integrated Dishwasher Installation - a tricky job that requires extra precision from the Technician doing the work.

Dishwasher Installation Cost

How Much Does Dishwasher Installation Cost?

There is no one fits all approach, and there is no one fits all pricing. But here is a couple of factors that we consider when pricing our dishwasher installation services in Newmarket, Aurora and close-by areas:

  • Do you need to remove an old dishwasher and then install a new one? 

  • Do you need help installing an integrated dishwasher or a regular one?

  • Are there specifics for your brand of the dishwasher?

  • Special requirements - when evaluating the price we will also look at special requirements and complications that may take us longer to get the job done.

Service Areas

Where do you Provide Dishwasher Installations?

SimplyPro services multiple locations in GTA from Newmarket to Mississauga, Ajax, and more. Here is a couple of the most popular service areas:

  • Newmarket

  • Aurora

  • King City

  • Oak Ridges

  • East Gwillimbury

  • Bradford West Gwillimbury

  • Whitchurch Stouffville 

  • Richmond Hill

  • Vaughan

  • Markham

  • Thornhill

  • Ajax

  • Scarborough

  • And your location in GTA!


Quality Service, 


5,000 years in extended appliance life & counting.


100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

At SimplyPro Appliance Repair we strive to be simply pro at what we do. Guaranteed.


We work around your schedule.


Most repairs are done the same-day.


What our clients say

SimplyPro Appliance Repair technicians bring a wealth of industry experience and brand awareness to provide you with quick and reliable diagnostics. We not only do repairs, but we also offer helpful advice to help you prolong the life of your appliances.


Joseph M.
Residential Client

We ordered appliance repair for one of the properties that we manage in Newmarket. The team came on time and was extremely professional, they even did the impossible with fridge repair - I thought it would never work again. Recommend!


Karin M.
Residential Client

Zorik was excellent and very professional. Work was done ahead of schedule and so fast! Absolutely one of the best appliance experts out there so do not hesitate to use him!

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